Organic Pulses- A Complete Diet for Gluten-sensitive, and Weight Watchers.


All-natural source of protein for Vegans, Vegetarian, and Non-Vegetarians - Pulses. Pulses are a rich source of protein, fiber, and minerals: iron, zinc, folate, magnesium, and other antioxidants.

Pulses are a vital part of  Balanced diet in Typical Nepali Food: Daal, Bhaat and Tarkaari. Nepali Food without Daal is incomplete and almost considered a sin if Daal is missed in meals.

Get your natural plant-based protein and build your muscles with high-quality pulses.Our refined Pulses are super healthy and nutritious, aiding in your dieting ritual. If you want, you can Spice up your dal with some Tadka.

  • Pocket-friendly and nutrients packed
  • For muscle growth and good Digestion
  • Increases and maintains blood cells.

Maash Daal

Rich Flavor and Velvety Texture Make Maash Daal an Ideal Food.

Maash Daal, also known as Black gram or Urad Dal, is a nutrient-dense pulse that aids energy production.Mash's laxative properties aid in constipation relief.

Healthy consumption of Mash daal improves insulin secretion and sensitivity hence making it suitable for diabetes.Our Maash Daal is high in antioxidant, low-fat, and cholesterol-free.

Chana Daal

Adulteration-Free Chana Daal for snack or curry.

Chana daal is split daal made from black Chickpeas. It has a sweet, nutty flavor and is a storehouse for nutrients like zinc, calcium, protein, fiber, and folate.

Consuming Chana daal in the correct amount keeps your heart healthy, Improves Insulin Response, and lowers Blood Pressure.

Chana Daal is a healthier option for people on a low-fat, gluten-free, and vegan diet.

Mung Daal (Green)

Green Mung Daal- A perfect Match for Your Weight Loss Journey.

Green moong is wholesome, healthier daal, ideal for weight loss. It is loaded with vitamins and other essential minerals. Green Mung keeps your digestive tract healthy.

Dietitians support consuming Mung Daal as it can protect you against heat stroke and lower “bad” LDL cholesterol, blood pressure & blood sugar levels.

Also, you can grow your mung bean sprouts at home and consume them in salads, soups, and noodles.

Mung Daal (Yellow)

Sweet or Savory, Mung Daal is always Yummy

The healthiest dal- Mung daal appears yellow when its green husk is removed. Yellow Mung is the most commonly found dal in the Nepali kitchen. It is used to prepare gruel and regain energy for sick people.

The yellow variety of Mung is a rich protein source, low in fat, making it a perfect daal for health-conscious people. Low-fat Yellow Mung Daal is high in B vitamins, calcium, and potassium.

Heaviness and flatulence are not present in our Yellow Mung Daal. You can make your taste buds dance with either a nutritious savory soup or sweet mung daal halwa.

Rahar Daal

Consume our high-quality Rahar daal and strengthen your health.

Rahar Daal is also known as Pigeon Peas. It has an excellent source of nutrients, plant protein, and dietary fiber. This variety of Dal supplies you with enough carbohydrates needed to get energy for your body.

Pigeon Pea is still used as a magical edible potion to prevent and cure human ailments, menstrual disorders, abdominal tumors, and diabetes. Pregnant women also consume it as it contains folic acid, essential for foetal development.

Rajma Daal

Rajma Daal For Those Who Prefer Creaminess in Pulses.

Rajma or Red Kidney beans are high in magnesium. This bean makes muscle, blood vessels, and nerves relaxed. It regulates Blood Sugar by stabilizing blood glucose levels. Not only that, your bones also get strengthened with Rajma.

Rajma Daal is a nutrient-dense legume that will give you a rich and creamy texture when cooked with a perfect blend of spices.

Seto Chana

Seto Chana in Your Diet & Curry will make you lose weight slowly and steady.

Chickpeas, also known as Garbanzo Beans/Thulo Chana/ Kaauli Chana/Kabuli Chana/Seto Chana, is a staple food in almost every country.

Seto Chana is rich in protein and fiber, which can help with weight loss by reducing appetite. It also helps to prevent heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Thulo Chana is used in various dishes, including creamy and umami hummus, spicy chana masala, Chhole to your Bhatura, Coffee without Coffee, AquaFaba, and many others.