Our History

Our History

" Pioneer Manufacturers in Nepali Food Industry; Continuing the legacy”

Well-Bell is a newly registered brand of KFPP, devoted to manufacture and deliver the best quality and nutrition-packed daily use kitchen commodities, such as pulses.

The unpleasant and heavy on the economy, the breakout of COVID-19 made us value Healthy Food for a Fit and Immuned body. For better consumer health and leverage the Nepali food market, Well Bell was born in 2020.

We are a young brand, with a distinct team, in the market, but our expertise in the food industry is over four decades. Adding to that, the Chairman of our company- Mr. Rishi Kumar Agrawal, established Nepal’s first corn flakes manufacturing plant. This summarizes our long-lived history in Nepali Food Industry.

In accordance with the UN's SDG goal no. 3: Good Health and Wellbeing, Well Bell aims to manufacture and distribute A-graded, unpolished, and hygienic foods suitable for all age groups on stand-up zip pouches for nutrition locking and recycling purposes.