Our Leadership

Rishi Kumar Agrawal



Mr. Rishi Kumar Agrawal is the chairman of Well Bell. He is a professional businessman with over three decades of experience in the food industry. He has etched his name in history as an establishing member of one of Nepal's largest spices brands, 'BMC', and the founder of Nepal's first Cornflakes producing plant.

With no prior exposure to business, Rishi started educating himself, got into the business world, and now has become a true player in the business. Mr. Agrawal gained professional experiences while working in collaboration with big brands, namely, Rickett and Colmon, J&J, Lijjat Papad. Over his business tenure of 3 plus decades, he has built a strong portfolio of businesses in various industries such as FMCG, Real Estate, Construction, and Electrical. Holding to his roots, Mr. Agrawal is centrally focused on the FMCG industry. Among his other ventures, he is now leading Well-Bell with a passion for obtaining accelerated growth, organizational excellence, and strategic execution.

Mr. Agrawal, a philanthropist by nature,  is a man with a golden heart as he advocates and works to help every human and animal in the world. Other than his business hours, he is found participating in activities that seek social welfare and growth. He actively participates and takes an interest in working for the welfare of the national animal of Nepal - Cows.

Mr. Agrawal is a true representation of "Success Comes to those who are persistent and absorb the resources that come in the path". He firmly believes that Nepal is a wonderland with a plethora of business opportunities from rock to its people (culture). Mr. Agrawal is always willing to spend his time and share his insights and learnings with new aspiring business fanatics in order to nourish organizations aimed at improving Nepal's business environment.

Punit K Agrawal

Founder, CEO




Mr. Punit Agarwal visioned Well-Bell to bring awareness and offer an easier approach to have a healthy lifestyle. He is a fresh MBA graduate, who started his career by working at a couple of Indian unicorn startups. For Punit, Ingenuity and Innovation is the heart of every venture seeking to make a different image in its niche.

Punit loves using luxury products and goods that are staged to improve the standard of living, yet supports a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

His love for such goods has shaped his vision to develop luxury and quality life brands from Nepal. To get Nepal's name better globally, reflecting its authenticity, Punit believes in making most of the Nepali domestic goods.

He is a knowledge enthusiast and loves indulging in vigorous reading. As an environmentalist, he believes that a healthy lifestyle is a win-win context for both humanity and the biotic components of Earth.

Also, Punit is a health-conscious individual, believing in maintaining a balance between work life and personal life. He emphasizes getting oneself some Me time and getting in some physical activities for the lively feel. Adding to that, Golf is his favorite sport and traveling is his work of interest. Travels made by Punit include both enjoyments and his professional eyes focused on studying the local Nepali product or exploring the products to be brought to Nepal.