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United Nations SDG number 3-Good Health and Well-Being is focused on ensuring healthy living and fostering well-being for all people of all ages, promoting indicators to monitor progress.

Overall it includes mental health, physical activity, and social cohesion. It is linked with problems of quality, access, and affordability of healthcare. As known to everyone, to attain contentment and satisfaction, good health and a good lifestyle are crucial.

Well-being can be classified into Physical, Inner, Emotional, Intellectual, vocational, and social. Social well-being deals with social connectedness, vocational with personal satisfaction and fulfillment from work. Intellectual well-being involves creativity, curiosity and openness to new ideas, whereas emotional deals with feelings of satisfaction, confidence and engagement with the world. Inner well-being is all about harmony within our inner life and outer world.

Among these, all well-being, first and foremost, is physical well-being. Physical well-being includes good physical health, mental and emotional well-being. Physical health is concerned with good food and exercise. Good food is all about the consumption of wholesome and nutritious foods. At present, the number of deaths linked with food is either by starvation or foul food, or obesity. Adulteration-free, unpolished, organic, biological & chemical contamination-free food are other crucial aspects of the food industry that act as slow poison to our health. Thus, having healthy and nutrition-packed food for well-functioning of mind and body is a major concern of organizations and professionals who are SDG 3 advocates.

Talking about food, every human deserves a balanced, healthy diet that consists of all nutrients, a minimum amount of added sugar, additives, & processed ingredients. Having fresh, local, organic, and homemade food saves your money and time, allows control on oil, spices, and keeps your body nourished. Not only that, your physical and mental health also gets improved.

According to doctors, your gastrointestinal tract is the second brain as this tract owns the enteric nervous system (ENS), having neurons and neurotransmitters similar to our central nervous system. It plays a key role in our overall mental health. When healthy food is eaten, "good" bacteria grow, resulting in higher production of neurotransmitters. This helps the brain receive positive messages and raises good emotions, resulting in a more positive mood. Nutrition-rich food reduces mood fluctuations. Thus, healthy food keeps your mental health in better condition.

Ayurveda suggests having your cooked food within 3 hours. Cooking appears to be in NO category for tech-driven professionals and lifestyle as you can get your food within a click. Canned and packaged food items have become a staple for working people. This has made the present generation rely more on having processed & packaged food or deliveries from restaurants. To be honest, Cooking is not complicated; it just needs some patience and a holy mix of ingredients to be satiated and contented. With well Bell's food items of choice, you can now enjoy cooking and eating healthy.

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